What our clients Say?


Ms. Anjali B/ Clinical Psychologist/ 22nd March, 2012

Core Somatic experience was a very integrating and extremely profound. It’s amazing how easily everything unravels and then falls into place... like untangling the rope and realigning. My approaches to life, work and relationships... have changed to one that is more fulfilling. The process has helped me to stand for what I want.... reinforcing my belief in myself. Life has become more content, joyful and fulfilling.-

Nikita P / 21 years/ Engineering Student

I was full of disturbing thoughts, angry, very restless and insecure…. feel the negativity released from my body through bodily sensations and felt positivity inside and around me. My relationships has improved, feel energetic and confident, much happier person-

Ms. N M / 20 years/ Student/ 24/02/2012

Case of Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome: After the Core Somatic session, feel lighter...as if have let go off the baggage of past and yes physiological changes... I feel like the hormones are going back gradually to function like before..... Menstrual pain is slight (which was severe earlier).....thanks a ton!!! .

Ms. Sheetal Ahuja, Healer & Therapist

An Ultimate and Real Healing Modality: This is like the ultimate and real healing modality I've ever heard of. I felt my body so fully for the first time and released so many pent up emotions in the process and allowing the body to heal itself. It works like magic and the healing just happens automatically".:

Hemali Mistry, Interior Designer - 28th October, 2012

New Found Freedom: A million thanks to Dr. Rajiv.... For helping me find and reach this light and attaining this profound freedom for my mind, body and soul! God truly bless you.....

Shazya Lakdawala, Psychology Practitioner, Rashid Hospital, Dubai

Core Somatic Integration workshop along with the knowledge as a clinical psychologist has made me more confident, open to myself, and knowing a way to help myself and people around me….

Aditi Nadkarni, Psychologist

You always help me bring in a shift in my life through your learnings and techniques. Body speaks so much. Never realized this.

Tejal Mamaniya, Therapist & Trainer, 28th June 2013

Core Somatic Integration Level 2... A miraculous healing time for me. My right shoulder had been stiff from almost 8 years now. Just working on it for two days has relaxed it so much that even my yoga instructor commented that my shoulder looks relaxed as compared to previously. Core somatic can just do wonders instantly.

Khusbhu Sheth, Psychologist- 4th March, 2013

A wonderful and an enriching experience. This holistic body-centered psychotherapy is a science in itself. Unlike Psychology that focuses mainly on how the human mind operates, the Core Somatic Integration therapy highlights the fact that the human body possesses a powerful ability to heal itself, by means of bodily sensations and symptoms, which to me was an eye-opener. As a psychologist, I look forward to integrating the mind and the body to enhance the process of healing in the near future.

Nafeesa R.- January 2012

I am more confident and assertive as person now. More positive, active and enthusiastic... Feel emotionally stronger, calmer and at peace and am able to express myself better. My severe pains disappeared in one session. Of course in case of aches and pains, am able to handle them most times without reaching for the pillbox.

Nikita Pansare / 21 years/ Student

My relationship with everyone has improved tremendously. I feel energetic and confident. I am a much happier and enjoy my positive thoughts.

Shruti Chopra- Tarot Reader

Movin’Stillness has changed the way my mind and body reacts to the day ahead. While practicing the exercises I feel a calming energy going through my body. I feel more aware of where I am, allowing me to feel more alive. Each step and movement keeps me still and in the present. The cleansing exercises makes me feel as if I am healing myself and safe guarding myself from illnesses and fatigue. I am breathing better too.