Who is Rahjiv Naidu?

NewLife Educator, Integrative Wellness Consultant & Life Coach

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Starting his journey as a Trainer in 2007, he now trains internationally, having trained 1000’s in various countries in Asia, Middle East and Africa.
Rahjiv Naidu, known for his contribution and service in the field of Integrative Wellness and Holistic Therapies, provides simple yet effective way of approach to life, health and transformation.
Inventing himself as a New Life Educator, he is Qualified Homoeopathic Physician with a post graduate certificate in Counselling & Health Psychology. He is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Past Life Regression Therapist, a senior trainer with EKAA, a premier organization offering certified courses in Integrative Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression therapy and Transpersonal Regression (TASSO). He is also a Trainer of Transactional Analysis, NLP. He is a practitioner of Taichi & ChiKung, a Chinese soft martial art form, grounded in mindfulness and slow movements, balancing and harmonizing the energy flow.
Having a high purpose of nurturing people dreams, empowering people to live healthier and happier lives, and unleash their fullest human potential, his workshops and seminars are enlightening, inspiring and transforming.
He has designed “Core Somatic Integration”- a unique Integrated Body-centered Therapy integrating Cognitive Neuroscience, Body experiences, Breathing techniques, Meditative Movements. Body Sensing, Mindfulness and Oriental philosophy, releasing traumatic cellular memories buried deep in the consciousness, treating various diseases including cancers, arthritis and various hormonal diseases. He has presented papers on “Core Somatic Integration”, at various National and International Hypnotherapy and Psychology Conferences.
He has founded “New Life Integrative Wellness Institute” having a sole intention of creating awareness of drugless, non-invasive holistic therapeutic approaches to healing and empowerment, by way of seminars, workshops and therapies. He works with a team of highly inspired therapists, counsellors, fitness experts, nutritionists and psychologists, providing low costs counselling, trainings and therapies. They also extend support to rehabilitation centres, old age homes, educational institutions, etc.
He is a New Life Integrative Wellness therapist and Counsellor par excellence. He is an intelligent and powerful Life Empowerment Coach and Relationship Therapist helping his clients get quick results with any issues in areas of happiness, health, relationship, business, etc.. His experience with bringing about harmony in relationships, especially in couples, makes him a high caliber Relationship Coach & Family Therapist. He has worked with 1000’s of students to enhance their academic performance and behavior skills.

Work Experience:

As an Integrative Wellness Therapist: He has worked with variety of ailments from Psychological Disorders, to pathological diseases, Behavioural Issues, Marital issues, Relationship Problems, Business problems, Students issues, Children’s problems, and various Incurable, Chronic Diseases like cancers, arthritis, and various hormonal problems.
With NGOs: His work experience ranges from working with social organisations like MESCO, National Academy of Customs, Excise and Narcotics (NACEN), Educational Institutions, Lions & Rotary Groups, International Academy of Life, etc
In Corporates: He has conducted seminars and workshops for Corporates like ESSAR Oils, Indus Tower, IDFC Mutual Fund, West Coast, Mars Enterprises, Kohinoor IMI, Magnet Technologies, Tata Teleservices, etc.

You achieve your highest potential when you stand in contribution and in service to others to achieve their potential.
To achieve the highest dream, what’s needed is a decision and willingness to take actions to fulfill on that decision.

Dr. Rahjiv Naidu